About 小词典

小词典 (xiǎo cídiǎn) are a few a small Chinese to English dictionary applications that are powered by CC-CEDICT. There are currently three versions of the dictionary application: a Mac OS X system wide dictionary plugin, an Adobe Air version, and an Android version.

The dictionary applications are written by Rob Rohan; however, the CC-CEDICT dictionary itself is a community effort.  The dictionary currently has over 75,000 words and phrases. The 小词典 applications allow you to search that dictionary using Mandarin Pinyin, English, or Simplified Characters.

The desktop version, which integrates with the Mac OS X built-in dictionary, is a fantastic resource when reading Chinese on your Mac. Since 小词典 installs into the Mac OS X system wide dictionary, you have access to Chinese character definition throughout your whole system (only works on OS X Leopard or later versions). From Safari to TextEdit to Pages, you can control click (right click) on a character and choose “Lookup In Dictionary” to define the Chinese character or word. In addition, you can hover over a character use the hot key control+command+d to get an inline definition, and you can even use spotlight to define characters!

If you are studying Chinese I hope you find the the family of 小词典 applications helpful in your study!