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XiaoCiDian 1.2

Saturday, December 13th, 2008 | News | 5 Comments

A big 谢谢 to everyone who has purchased a copy of XiaoCiDian from the AppStore. It has already out performed my expectations!

I also appreciate all the feedback I’ve been getting from the application. I wanted to let everyone know that 1.2 is currently in the works with some mild improvements, bug fixes, and the newest CC-CEDICT dictionary. On top of the 1.2 update, I’ve branched the code and started working on some new features – I am going to keep what they are close to the vest for now though.

On top of the iPhone update, I’ve also updated the desktop versions to the newest CC-CEDICT (2008-12-12 currently). You can download them by clicking on the right side bar on this site. The versions are now 小词典 1.2 and 小词典-英文 1.2Beta.

For those who have asked, you can support this project by purchasing the iPhone application.

Thanks again and 学快乐!