Xiao CiDian Air 1.1 Release

Saturday, July 18th, 2009 | News

Coming out hot on the heals of the 1.0 release of the Adobe Air version of 小词典 is version 1.1.

My wife felt a bit ill today, so our weekend outing was cut a bit short. While she was recovering, I occupied myself by adding a few often asked for features to 小词典-气. They are:

  • Traditional character display, and searching.

  • Hiding of the HSK level.

  • Check for auto update every time the app launches.

  • Bit more feed back when the app is searching

You can toggle the new settings by clicking on the “Preferences” button on the bottom right in the application. The new preferences screen looks like the following:

Picture 1-17

You can get the new version by clicking on the install badge on the right side of the xiaocidian.com home page or if you are patient your app will likely auto update in 5 days.


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