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Mac Desktop Release 1.6 and Traditional Support

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 | News | 1 Comment


I’ve had quite a few requests for Traditional character support in the Mac desktop version of Xiao CiDian.

I think that the Traditional character set is very beautiful, but all of my study material is based around the Simplified character set. For obvious, selfish reasons I have put off doing a Traditional version.

Well, I had a few extra hours today, and I thought I’d get this off my todo list. So without further ado, there is now a dictionary available for download on the right side of the page that supports the Traditional character set and should work exactly like the Simplified version.

Additionally, I have update the other two dictionaries – the Simplified and the English to Chinese versions – to use a newer cc-cedict dictionary. The dictionary is now from January of 2010.

Get it while it’s hot, and happy studying!