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Xiao CiDian Android 1.1 Released

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 | Android, News | 2 Comments

I’ve just uploaded Xiao CiDian 1.1 to the Android market place. This is a quick demo of the new feature – the “?” search character:

Searching “without being so specific” was the number one requested feature of Xiao CiDian 1.0. If you have any feature suggestions, please feel free to post them here! I write 小词典 in my spare time, but I do try to put in features everyone likes (and remove the ones people find useless :D)

I would also like to thank everyone who has downloaded 小词典, and thank you all for your nice comments and ratings! I am very happy with the number of times 小词典 has been downloaded. While not a mega number of downloads, it has been downloaded 3 times more than any of the other mobile versions I’ve done – and it’s only been available for about 2 months!