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Xiao CiDian Mac Desktop 1.7 Released

Friday, September 30th, 2011 | News | 4 Comments

I’ve just put up the latest Mac Desktop release of 小词典. The new version, 1.7, is just a dictionary refresh of the latest CC-CEDICT dictionary.

小词典 Desktop will only work with Mac OS X Leopard and later (I am using it on Lion without any issues).

You can download it from the download page, be sure to read the installation guide (If this is your first install). Checkout the FAQ if you run into problems.


Updates soon-ish

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 | News | 2 Comments


I’ve started up my Mandarin class again, and with the restart in study comes a refresh of my tools.

I’ve been brushing off the code for all the versions of 小词典 and I should have releases coming out soon-ish. Most are just dictionary data refreshes.

One project that isn’t going to make the cut, however, is the Adobe Air version. I rarely use that version. Purely selfish reasons I know, but I can’t see a reason for me to spend any more time on it.

If you actually use the Adobe Air version please leave a comment and I’ll figure out if I can release the source. If no one is using it, I am going to trash it.

Updates soonish.