Current Version

The following is list of links to the current versions. Unless you have a specific need for an older version, these are likely what you want.

Version 1.7

Currently only tested on Lion, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work on Snow Leopard. However, these will not work on Leopard or earlier. Please see the installation guide for installing the desktop versions.

Desktop Simplified 34MB (torrent version)

Desktop Traditional 34MB (torrent version)

Desktop English 44MB (torrent version)

Android (HSK subset of the dictionary)

Older Versions

The following is a list of older archived versions.

Version 1.6

Desktop Simplified 46MB (torrent version)

Desktop Traditional 46MB (torrent version)

Desktop English 90MB (torrent version)

Version 1.2

Desktop Simplified 38MB (torrent version)

Desktop English 45MB (torrent version)

Version 1.1

Adobe Air Version (torrent version)